Another place to try out a locally brewed beer is heading to Evansville's west side!

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New Life Old Building

Sitting near Barker and the Lloyd Expressway sits a building that is about to have new life brought to it! The building was once just used as the University of Southern Indiana's scene, prop, and costume storage for their theater program.  According to an article on in 2018 the university board of trustees authorized the sale of this building.  Here's what USI had to say about the building and its use:

After reviewing bids, the Board authorized the sale of property at 96 N. Barker Avenue in Evansville. The property had previously been utilized by USI Theatre as a scene shop and costume shop, but was being utilized solely for storage following the opening of the USI Performance Center, a state of the art 300-seat facility on the USI campus, in 2015.

The building at one point became a church, but now there is a plan in motion for this building to eventually become Evansville's newest brewery!

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A New Place to Enjoy a Locally Brewed Beer

According to their website, Barker Brewhouse is planning on opening in the fall of this year.  Their website doesn't offer much information on what to expect except:

Craft Beer Tap House and Nano Brewerylocated in Evansville, IN.

I don't know about you, but another place to grab a locally brewed beer?  I'm here for it! I feel like you can always tell a lot about a city when you check out its local breweries.  When my husband and I go out of town the first thing we do is look up local breweries and try them out.   Breweries usually have a great casual atmosphere, and it's cool to try new beverages.

Concept of the cost of craft beers

Evansville 411 took to Facebook to confirm that Barker Brewhouse will be moving into the former USI theater storage building.  Here's what Evansville 411 had to say about the new addition to the city:

Evansville Development Update: A new craft beer tap house and nano brewery project will soon move forward. 🍺🍻🍺
Barker Brewhouse has officially purchased the former church and USI Theatre storage building for $290,000 on Evansville's west side. The sale of the building, which is located at the interchange of the Lloyd Expressway and Barker Avenue, was conducted through Summit Real Estate Services.
Location: 96 N. Barker Avenue
Additional details will be released soon on the project. 🍻
Project Design: LA+D and RLehman & Son Consulting
Welcome to Evansville Barker's Brewhouse! Can't wait to stop in and try your brews!
To stay up to date with Barker's Brewhouse, be sure to follow them on Facebook.  And if you'd like to stay in the loop on Evansville's developments, follow Evansville 411!

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