Louisville has so many locations that are great for film sets. Those old, maintained neighborhoods and creepy abandoned buildings. 

And it's not like Hollywood has avoided the Ville.

The Oscar-nominated The Insider prominently featured Derby City.

And then there was Orlando Bloom trying to figure how to get from Louisville International Airport to Elizabethtown in the movie Elizabethtown.

And now, just in time for Halloween, we have Devil's Revenge.

I don't know about you, but I saw Louisville all over that trailer.

According to IMDB, Devil's Revenge WAS filmed in Louisville and is the story of an archaeologist who returns home to explore the caves of rural Kentucky in hopes of finding a monstrous bird-like creature that haunts his dreams.

There's also something about a portal to Hell--a must for many a horror movie.

The film stars a couple of Star Trek veterans from different decades--Jeri Ryan and, yes, the icon himself, William Shatner.

Devil's Revenge is available now on Amazon Prime Video.


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