The amount we here in Illinois are paying for groceries this year compared to last year is way higher as we know, but the numbers reveal just how much higher and the numbers paint a grim picture of the rising costs of essential food items.

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According to the website we here in Illinois are paying $522 more for the same groceries that we bought at this time last year. On the site they say...

"Illinoisans are paying $522 more for the same grocery items they bought last year. Prices on food for home consumption have risen by 12.2% from June 2021 to June 2022, hitting Illinois families hard. June’s overall 9.1% annual inflation rate was the highest in more than 40 years, creating sticker shock at the grocery store."

The site also mentions that specific foods have skyrocketed in price more than others, meat, and poultry items for example are part of a select few that really crank the price of your bill up compared to last year. To make matters worse the website mentions that the experts they are getting the data from don't think these prices will drop dramatically any time soon, to read the complete article for yourself click here!

Grocery shopping right now in Illinois is painful it is the only way to describe it, I feel like I am bouncing around from store to store just buying specific items at each store that are on sale. What really sucks is because I am spending so much more for the same groceries I am not going out as much to dinner, drinks, movies, and other things that support local and small businesses, how are you handling the rising costs of groceries in Illinois?

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