My buddy Bradley Wayne Jackson is pretty hilarious.  We don't cross paths in real life very often, but I cross his path daily on social media.  Brad's always good for a laugh or some unexpected insight into any given situation.  It's his insight into issues of weight that have completely taken hold of my interest.  To start 2020, Brad created a brand new blog.  In typical Brad's not-mincing-words fashion, the blog is called Bradley Is Fat and he intends to share his personal weight loss journey as he commits to exercise, eating better and working to achieve a variety of personal goals for himself.

Brad launched the first installment of his blog on January 20th and this was the photo he posted.

Brad Jackson/Facebook

And these are the words that Brad used to describe himself-

256.8 pounds.  This is what total disregard for your health looks like.  This picture was taken January 1st, 2020.  This jackass did not know how well he would be feeling just 20 short days later.

In his inaugural blog, Brad explains how he has been a "fat kid" his whole life, topping out at 274 pounds back in 2018.  But then he explains the things that have prompted him to make a lifestyle change.  The things he mentioned are things many of us, most of us, can relate to.

See, Brad is getting married and he set a target weight for his wedding date. According to his second blog entry, Brad's goal is to be under 200 pounds by September 5th, the day he will walk down the aisle.

There are also some other targets Brad is aiming for.  And they are VERY Brad.  In April, he's going to Tampa for Wrestlemania and his goal is to be able to wear a tank top!

To lose weight, Brad has downloaded the Carb Manager app to help track and curb his unhealthy dietary habits.  He has cut out sugary drinks, has pretty much eliminated fried foods, and he's gone into the gym for exercise and weight training.  Just a couple of weeks in, he's already seeing results.  His weight loss is in the double digits.

Brad Jackson/Facebook

As for the Bradley Is Fat blog, he has two goals for it.  One is personal.  The other?  It's far more reaching.  According to Brad . . .

This blog is a superficial attempt to keep myself on the straight and narrow. I’d love for it to be read, and helpful for others.  If you’re reading this, I appreciate it lots!  If nobody is, oh well. I will keep doing it and try to keep myself accountable. I plan on posting at least weekly, maybe more If I feel like I have something to say, or just need an extra boost to get me through the next leg of my health journey. I am really excited, and hope I can inspire and motivate other. If I don’t at least I am inspiring myself. Here’s to my next step in life!

If you'd like to follow along with Brad's weight loss journey, you can do so by CLICKING HERE.  Brad is using and encourages the use of the hashtag #BradleyIsFat