Passengers can now fly directly to St. Louis on Cape Air. Once in St. Louis you can get to almost 50 destinations non-stop. That is some of the good news Owensboro Daviess County Airport Manager Bob Whitmer said this morning on the Joe Lowe Morning Show.

In addition to the direct flights to St. Louis, (at just $49 each way including taxes) you can fly directly to Orlando three to four times each week on Allegiant Air.

Some folks were concerned when after about 6 months of operation Allegiant announced the cancellation of direct service to Las Vegas from Owensboro. "Allegiant dropped Las Vegas flights for 30 cities", said Whitmer. Lexington Kentucky and Charleston WV were cancelled way before Owensboro but the economy being down and the fact that with direct flights between Orando and Owensboro it gives Allegiant a chance to use the planes for two round trip flights per day seemed to be key factors in the cancellations.


The good news is that passengers can still get to Las Vegas by flying out of Owensboro. Using Cape Air's low rates and combining it with Southwest and even Delta it is possible to make the round trip at around $300 and that is a bargin.

Cape Air's smaller planes and flight times make the airline perfect for Owensboro. They are much more flexible that the bigger airlines and can work to insure great customer service. This is in contrast to larger cities where you never get personalized gate to gate service or a friendly smile as the pilot of your flight also loads your bag. Cape Air knows how to deliver service.

While on the air this morning, Whitmer also talked about the airport terminal expansion saying the multi-million dollar project should be ready by mid August.

I have posted the full interview here for those who could not listen this morning. I think you will find Bob has some great plans for the Owensboro Airport in the not to distant future. He and his staff are doing an incredible job.

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