They're called the Cueless Misfits and they're a member of the American Pool Player's Association. Based in Owensboro, this nine-ball pool team won the APA City Championship and the next step is a big one.

They are headed to LAS VEGAS!

It's the APA World 9 Ball Championship and it happens August 9th through the 15th.

The team's Kyle Smith says that the Cueless Misfits have been the underdogs the entire time, but fought hard and brought home the city trophy.

But now there's a bigger trophy at stake and there's a hurdle the team needs to clear to make it happen.

While their flight and hotel are paid for, necessary expenses for that week, like food, are not.

And they're also hoping they can bring their spouses, too.

The team has set up a gofundme account in case anyone would like to help them out.

We congratulate the Cueless Misfits and we want them to bring home that world championship trophy.

Sometimes what happens in Vegas SHOULDN'T stay in Vegas.





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