All over the country nursing homes and other facilities for the elderly, are restricting visitors to protect residents from catching the coronavirus virus. Twin Rivers Nursing & Rehabilitation in Owensboro is no exception.

Daily Life For Residents At Protheroe House Sheltered Housing Community
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Dave Spencer's Mom is a resident at Twin Rivers and he got the call moments ago, that strict restrictions are being implemented. There's no reported cases in Owensboro at this time, but precautions are needed. Restrictions all over the state are taking place to protect our most vulnerable.

According to a report in the Bradenton Herald, issued just hours ago, Kentucky's nursing homes should severely restrict visitors to combat the new coronavirus from spreading to a vulnerable population, Gov. Andy Beshear said Tuesday.

Those restrictions will take effect at state-run centers, Beshear said. For privately run facilities, the state will issue “very strong guidance" for operators to follow, he said.

“It is critically important that it is followed," the governor said. “When we look around the country, and the fatalities that we are seeing are in large measure those that are vulnerable."

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