This is one of the most hilarious things I have ever heard in my life.  I was broadcasting at BF Evans Ford yesterday when the ladies in the office started talking about Livermore's pig.  If you live in Livermore, you know exactly which pig I'm talking about.  If you have no clue who in the heck this pig is, you're about to learn.  Meet Romeo . . . or Porky . . . or any of the other names he was given by the locals!  Exactly as billed, he's Livermore's pig!   And he's been roaming the streets of the town for about eight months.  Well, that is until yesterday, when Romeo was taken into custody by the Daviess County Animal Shelter.  Now, this lovable guy is looking for someone to adopt him.


Okay, I realize this sounds like the movie Babe: Pig in the City.  That's exactly the life Romeo has been living.  I suppose you could say he's been living high on the hog. LOL!  Sorry about the pun.  It won't be the last one in this story.  What can I say?  This story is plump and juicy and I'm gonna ham it up!

Here's how Romeo's incredible journey began.  (Oh, I feel like I should tell you that you'll learn a bit later why a few residents call him Romeo.  Brace yourselves!)  Romeo was rescued from a structure fire on Short Street months ago.  Detective Dockery was on site responding to a house fire when he heard lots of commotion and snorts coming from a garage.  When he forced the door open, a giant pig ran out of the building and through the fire to escape.  That was Romeo, who literally ran through the blaze, caught his tail on fire in the process and hauled @#$ outta there.   Since that time, he's been living on the streets of Livermore accepting the kindness of strangers or just eating their gardens when they weren't looking.

But Romeo quickly became a bit of an urban legend.  There were reported sightings.  Photos were taken and shared on social media sites.  Some residents saw him.  Some tried to catch of glimpse of him but never could.  I mean, this big guy was giving Bigfoot a run for his money.

Tiffany Wilkerson says she was determined to see this pig because everyone in town was talking about him.  For about two weeks, she drove around "each morning before work and each night after work" to see Romeo.  She never did. She was totally pork chopped.

Paulette Davis was lucky enough to get a sighting.  One day she was leaving her house and caught a glimpse of something wandering around her in yard. She called her husband Bobby and said, "Well, there's a pig in our yard!"  It was Romeo!!

And that pig was busting up in all kinds of yards.  While some folks weren't happy Romeo was helping himself to their gardens, others fed him.  And, he got a long really well with humans and other animals.

Rose Hillard had lots of encounters with Romeo and thought he was real "friendly."  She says, "He came over here a lot and played with the dogs." See!


And apparently, Romeo also had a way of using that snout of his to sniff out other pigs.  Look at this!


You think maybe her found her on Tinder?  Or, if you're a pig and use a dating app, do you spell it "Tender?"

And Carol Bolton had this to say about folks lucky enough to get a glimpse of the pig. "It's been said if you see him, it's good luck!"  Except, some Livermore locals will assure you that there are some sights you cannot unsee.

Mark Willis knows, first-hand, that Romeo was fond of more than just animals.  He really seemed to like this recliner.

Photo by Mark Willis
Photo by Mark Willis

Yes.  That big guy was makin' bacon!  Yes, I shared the photo with you, but I am not sharing the video of the encounter.  And, yes it exists.  LOL!  Maybe you can catch it on pay-per-view someday.  For now, let's just say there's a reason that pigs are sometimes nicknamed "porker."

Romeo has had a lot of fun over the last few months.  Clearly!  Some of the residents of Livermore have fallen in love with him.  Others have complained and asked animal control to pick him up.  And, this week, that's exactly what they did.

Romeo is now housed in the Daviess County Animal Shelter.  And, like the other animals there, he is officially up for adoption.  He's looking for a good home and a sexy, available piece of furniture.  The shelter's standard adoption fee is $50.  Of course, there's an application process to ensure that Romeo will go to a suitable home.  And, let's be honest.  This guy is adorable and deserves it.

That said, he does have a major milestone to tackle before he's ready for adoption.  Next Wednesday, Romeo is going to be neutered.  Uh oh!  He may not like the sound of that, but I know a recliner in Livermore that's relieved!  According to Ashley at the Daviess County Animal Shelter, they plan to keep Romeo until next weekend.  If he is unable to find a home locally, he will most likely be shipped to a pig rescue in Tennessee.

In the meantime, folks are encouraged to come by and see Romeo and bring him some food.  He loves apples, tomatoes and carrots.  And, yes!  He eats like a pig . . . but, right now is looking a little slender because he's been walking it off for the last eight months.

You can visit Romeo at the Daviess County Animal Shelter Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9am to 4:30pm, Thursdays from Noon to 6pm and Saturdays from 9am to 3pm.


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