This will be the best Valentine's Day story you see and read today!  Puzzle Pieces of Owensboro arranged an amazing first date for one of their clients.  Peyton asked Puzzle Pieces Executive Director Amanda Owen to be his Valentine's date. So, she said "yes" and arranged an amazing afternoon that involved dinner, a trip to the movies and a limo!

Amanda Owen/Facebook

Obviously, Amanda is married . . . so Peyton, being the perfect gentleman, called her husband to ask for his permission to ask Amanda on a date.  And the rest is history.  The date was monumental and magical.

Peyton had no idea that Amanda had arranged limo transportation . . . but their chariot rolled up into the Puzzle Pieces parking lot to whisk them away.

The limo took Peyton and Amanda to O'Charley's, where Peyton insisted on being a gentleman.  He even ordered for Amanda.  Then they headed off to the Malco Cinema 16, where they watched Peter Rabbit.  After the movie was over, Peyton called his mom and asked her to come to the movies to pick them up.

Obviously, Amanda loaded up the date with surprises.  But Peyton had one of his own.  He gave Amanda this amazing necklace.  Check out the inscription.  It will melt your heart.


Peyton had so much fun on his date he has asked Amanda to make this an annual tradition.  He's also made additional future plans.  He asked Amanda to be his prom date when he turns 15.   Amanda reminded him that when he's 15, she'll be pushing 40 and that he probably doesn't want to take a 40-year-old woman to his high school prom.  Peyton laughed and said, "You'll be old, but you'll still be pretty."

Spoken like a true gentleman!