If you like to camp in a fancy way, you could stay in a real Missouri yurt. This is an option near Galena and you can see what it's really like inside now.

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Credit where credit is due. Saw a glamping article on Only In Your State. Among those locations for fancy camping they mentioned are the Forest Garden Yurts in Galena, Missouri. With their tiny doors, they almost appear like a house you'd see in The Hobbit from The Lord of the Rings.

In this case, the pictures really do tell the story of what it's like inside one of these unique homes.

What It's Like Inside a Real Missouri Yurt

According to the Airbnb listing shared by Amanda, these yurts can host up to 6 guests. There's more living space inside than you think. 5 beds and 1 bath inside the house that goes round and round. Cost isn't bad either at $96 per night.

If sleeping in the round sounds most excellent to you, make sure to check out Amanda's full Airbnb listing for more pics, details, updates and availability.

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