I am so excited to announce my book Shaped by Faith can now be purchased as an eBook. If you are first starting a new fitness journey, this is the book for you! If you are already on your healthy journey this book shares my personal story and testimony, fitness tips, prayers and exercises that will help strengthen You!


Personal coach and fitness instructor Theresa Rowe shares the ten simple secrets of whole-person wellness that lead to increased strength and energy, self-esteem and joy. This easy-to-follow guidebook encourages each reader to develop her core--her body as well as her soul--and builds stamina, develop flexibility, find balance, align her life, be attentive, and more, to find the true fitness God means for her.

Shaped by Faith would be a great book for a Bible Study!

Since writing this book I have recovered beautifully from my second open heart surgery and I am still teaching Shaped by Faith Fitness classes most days of the week. God has provided some amazing opportunities for the ministry of Shaped by Faith.  He is at the wheel directing and shaping this ministry for His glory. Shaped by Faith is still a work in progress and every morning He honors me with fresh challenges and opportunities for this ministry to reach more people. I marvel at what God has allowed me to do and I thank Him for sharing so many learning experiences. Shaped by Faith is on the radio weekly allowing people to share what God has done for them. Shaped by Faith has its own newspaper column and God uses it to encourage, sharpen  and mold His people.

While our seven children are now grown adults, my family continues growing with nine grand-children. Our family has had its share of problems, and life has thrown us a few curves, but now, more than ever, our family is built on, and relies upon, the solid rock foundation of Jesus Christ. I cannot imagine a day without God!

My hope is for you to open your heart to God. Allow him to shape and mold you into the person He designed you to be. Keep moving forward regardless of your circumstance or situation, God is with you. When you feel low, or down, just remember to look up, God is right there shining His light on you. Be who God has called you to be, nothing less and nothing more. Know with each new day you can do all things through Jesus Christ as He strengthens You. Share the hope you have with others, tell them your story. No one can take your story from you, God gave it to you to tell. Encourage others daily, it will help lift your Spirit. Pray continually and seek God's will for your life.

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God has his destiny shaped and ready for you; Take a step of faith and experience it!




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