Although last night's episode of SNL was filled with hit-and-miss sketches, one of the best moments was easily the strangest thing in the entire episode. The sketch imagines the Weather Channel creating its own soap opera and the results are about as strange (and often, as funny) as you'd imagine.

The scene finds the cast (including host Vince Vaughn) playing weathermen-turned-actors, playing out the basic plot of a soap opera while delivering all of their lines in the form of a weather report. It would be funny enough if they simply spoke in that trained, fake voice that television reporters tend to use, but they literally talk about the events surrounding them as if they were weather, treating devastating emotional moments like they're reporting a thunderstorm. Like the now-overplayed "The Californians," "Stormy Skies" is a one-note joke, but it's a very funny one-note joke. Hopefully, the SNL writers will leave it at that and not run it into the ground.

Check it our for yourself in the embedded video below!

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