Outreach, Aid the Homeless Fundraiser a Big Success
You took the “Text-a-thon” Challenge and came through in a big way. The proceeds will benefit shelters in our community who need it the most. Thank you for all who gave so generously and supported the cause. We are ready to reveal the tote board!
Homeless Shelters Most Needed Items
The local homeless shelters are often at capacity. The winter months have them packed to the brim with families, individuals, and children. This creates a long list of items needed and you can help fill that need.
Brenda Sue’s Story (Shaped by Faith)
I really enjoy having guests on my show who love sharing what God has done for them. We serve a good God! He cares for us, even when we are not living for Him. This show is all about inspirational guests sharing their stories, and hopefully their stories will motivate you to be who God has called you to be...