Bethany Randall is a Health Enthusiast and the writer behind The Avocado Girl. She was so enjoyable to chat with and to listen to her share the story behind The Avocado Girl.

Bethany has learned how to overcome adversity and to search out and give the good vibes in life! She is a yoga teacher and helps inspire others to be the best they can be. Everyone needs a good dose of encouragement and this is exactly what Bethany brings in her social media posts and blogs. You can check her out on Instagram

Bethany shares tips on how to increase your good vibes and how to know if you are operating at a high or low vibe. Her website lists 5 daily Habits to boost your happiness. We could all benefit from these! In her spare time, she is a wife and a mother to Alice and is creating healthy recipes to share with others.

Bethany also offers services such as: Social Media Consultant, Branding and Web & Blog Design. You can find these services she offers along with her Healthy Recipes at

I love the Supine spinal twist that Bethany demonstrated for the exercise segment. This stretch will feel so good to your Back & Spine! Give it a try!

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