I have some really exciting news to share.  The Livermore pig, who made news a couple of weeks ago after he ended up in the Daviess County Animal Shelter, has been adopted.  Yes, after spending eight months on the streets living off the kindness of strangers and unsuspecting gardens, the pig now has a forever home!  He has, appropriately, ended up in Mosleyville!

Photo by Gary Haire

Gary Haire decided to adopt the pig after hearing his incredible story on WBKR.  See, when the pig ended up at the Daviess County Animal Shelter, there was a chance he was going to shipped out to an animal rescue in Tennessee.  But, this guy's a local celebrity now and Gary knew the pig had to stay close to home . . . so he could be near his friends, family and fans.  LOL!

Gary informed his wife, Christy, that he was thinking about adopting the big guy.  When Christy gave him the "okay" . . . Gary contacted the Daviess County Animal Shelter and filled out the official adoption papers.  That was May 18th.  On the 19th, Gary and Christy went to the shelter to formally meet the pig.  On the 25th, they brought him home!

While he was roaming the streets, the pig got a lot of nicknames.  Some folks called him "Romeo" . . . others called him "Porky."  Some folks called him names I can't publish.  Well, Gary decided that, since the pig earned his fifteen minutes of fame by roaming the streets of McLean County, that he should be named for the town he survived in for months and months.  So, the pig is now called Livermore!

And, if you read our initial story about Livermore, you know this guy has no problems making friends.  And he has quickly done that at his new home on the west side of Daviess County.  Take a look!

Photo by Gary Haire

Not only has Livermore adapted to his new surroundings, he has made friends with the Haires too!  Gary says that, at first, Livermore was hesitant being around his new parents.  But, now, they can actually get close enough to touch him.  Yesterday, Gary even fed him by hand.

So, it looks like Livermore is coming around.  He's got brand new parents, brand new digs, new friends and, finally, a steady diet.  He won't have to spend any more time on the streets trying to snort out a full-course meal.  This little piggy has gone "Wee!  Wee! Wee!" all the way to his brand new home!