Rope swings are underrated. There. I said it. If you don't believe me, you should see this Quincy mansion I found which has one that overlooks the mighty Mississippi River.

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Well done, Pandora Penny. Your Quincy luxury mansion that you shared on Airbnb is epic. Here's a tiny bit of what she shared about the home:

Quincy IL WATERFRONT Huge Luxury Mansion! 5 STAR +.overlook the Mississippi River & Bay gorgeous water views AC. Gourmet kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 3 stunning lounge areas, Private Dining Room, Grill, Huge Screened Porch.

Penny's not kidding. Here are a few pictures to prove her point.

Quincy Mansion with Rope Swing Overlooking the Mississippi River

I wish there were more pictures because people that have stayed there seem to rave about the place on Airbnb. According to the description there, there are also ample eagles that can be seen soaring over the river frequently. She also seems to offer some neat local tours and even some art class options.

As of this writing, the nightly cost is $264. Make sure to check out the full Airbnb listing for more details, pics, updates and availability.

Rope swings for the win.

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