If you've got the taste for a pretzel, I mean a really big one. Then this is well worth the trip to Wisconsin.

Who Doesn't Love Pretzels?

When it comes to salty snacks, my favorite of all time is easily pretzels. My dad was a big fan, so that's how I was introduced to the tasty treat. Of course, I love them all. It doesn't matter what shape or size. I really enjoy the rods. My favorite pretzel has to be a big soft one. Like the kind you get at a sporting event. I will also accept pretzel bits. Those are at the top of my list for bar appetizers.

Huge Pretzel Available In Wisconsin

This looks like the granddaddy of all pretzels. It's the size of a steering wheel. How cool would it be to have a steering wheel made out of pretzel?

It's available at Fawn Creek Winery (3619 13th Ave) in the Wisconsin Dells. You can find it on their micro menu.

According to fawncreekwinery.com,

We offer a micro-menu of food items, that includes baguette or cracker and cream cheese-spread trays, a variety of 12" Wisconsin-made Portesi pizzas and our 16" Big Buck'n Pretzel.

I love the name, Big Buck'n Pretzel. It's 16" with two 3 oz cups of cheese, mustard, or both. It's like a full meal. Perfect food for partying. They also serve pizza, baguettes, crackers, and a build your picnic basket option. It's a winery but you can also get beer, hard seltzers, slushies, and soda.

For more info, HERE.

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