My guest Brenda Sharp is the Director of Life Bridge Ministry at Owensboro Christian Church. She is always helping others in crisis situations and has such compassion and wisdom to share with people. Brenda is ready to take on the challenge of a total body transformation. You will be able to hear Brenda the last weekend of  each month on Shaped by Faith as she checks in and shares how she is progressing. I will be coaching Brenda and helping  her with Fitness, Nutrition, Exercise and Spiritual needs each week.

Since first meeting with Brenda just 2 weeks ago, she has already lost 10 pounds! She  started walking twice a week for 15 minutes and she has incorporated sitting on a Shaped by Faith stability ball everyday. I am so proud of her progress in a short amount of time. Although weight loss is important for her overall health, we are not going to focus on a specific number on the scale. Instead we are going to focus on her making important lifestyle changes that will no doubt impact her weight, emotions, attitude and overall health.

During the exercise segment I had Brenda start with a simple chest/shoulder opener exercise. This stretch feels so good to our shoulders and upper body, give it a try! Next Brenda did a basic leg extension and curl. She did 8 repetitions for each leg for 2 sets. Brenda will incorporate this exercise each day at work as she is sitting on her SBF Ball. This exercise is so amazing for our legs, you can do this anywhere.

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You can listen to my guest Brenda Sharp on Shaped by Faith radio. This is Brenda's year for Total Body Transformation! I will be Coaching Brenda this year in Fitness, Exercise, Nutrition and anything else that comes Up! Listen Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 8 AM CT on WOMI 99.1 FM, 1490 AM or listen live online at //