Considering all of the crap and negativity that we get bombarded with every day, it can be easy to lose a little faith in humanity. The amount 'Karen' content alone is enough to make me want to cry and question where it all went wrong. I wonder if people have always been this unnecessarily mean to each other, and we're just now seeing more of it. If that's not the case, then I wonder when did it become okay to treat people so rudely?

Sorry for getting a little sidetracked there - that is not the direction I want to take this article. This article is NOT about mean people, quite the opposite actually, so let me hop down off my soapbox, and get to the good stuff.

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Every once in a while, you need to be reminded that there are still decent and kind people in the world, and this video will do just that. It also reminds us to never underestimate someone's ability to help their fellow man, or in this case, to help a sweet old lady. Whoever said chivalry is dead clearly hasn't seen what you're about to see.

This knight in a neon vest is quick to help an elderly damsel in distress. We've all seen the depiction of a chivalrous man laying down his coat so a lady can cross a puddle - well, I like to think of this as the modern-day version of that scenario.

I don't know where the video comes from originally, it looks like probably somewhere in Europe. I saw it when my buddy Courtney Johnson (Executive Director of Young & Established) shared it on his Facebook page. All I know is that watching this is one of the best ways you could spend 30 seconds, today or any day.

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