Ever since I was young boy, I've always had a fascination with caves. Being from the Tri-State, there was never a shortage of caves to visit. Marengo Cave, Wyandotte Cave, Squire Boone Caverns and my personal favorite, Mammoth Cave were only a short drive away from my home when I was growing up. Mammoth Cave, to this day, still amazes me with its sheer magnitude. Its size is what makes it the longest cave system known in the world. Well, another cave system on the the opposite side of world may may Mammoth Cave look minuscule.In the most recent version of National Geographic, Hang Son Doong, located in central Vietnam was chronicled throughout the magazine's pages and website with breathtaking photos and and a very informative article. The piece talks about an expedition into the cave to explore it's massive caverns. One quote that impressed me:

"When we reach the next skylight, the Garden of Edam (another cheesy pun), it’s even bigger than the first, almost as wide as the roof of the Superdome in New Orleans. Below the opening is another moun­tain of breakdown with a jungle of hundred-foot-tall trees, lianas, and burning nettles."

So, this cave is so huge, that a jungle resides within it's inner passages! My trips to the local caves never yielded findings of that magnitude. All I can say is that I'd one day love to check out this huge cave. If you've now got the caving fever you can find out more information about Mammoth Cave and Hang Son Doong below.

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