"The Whitesville Lions Club is sponsoring an old-fashioned Chili Supper and Pie Auction to benefit the Wendell Foster Campus for Developmental Disabilities.  The event takes place Friday, May 6th, at the Whitesville Senior Citizens Center on Hwy. 54. Chili, hot dogs & drinks are available at 5:00 PM, with the chance to bid on the BEST homemade pies and cakes in Daviess County starting at 6:00 PM.  For more information or to make a pie or cake donation, please call 993-8542.  ALL proceeds benefit the Wendell Foster Campus."

Longtime listener Karen Lain sent me this announcement about a Pie Auction.   After attending last year’s event for the first time, I have a deep respect for the folks who work and attend it each year. Karen knows that once you attend this wacky program you are hooked and simply must return yearly. It is sort of like a hummingbird migration but more expensive.

This pie auction is like no other. Pies sell for hundreds of dollars. You get caught up in the excitement and before you know it you have just spent the monthly car payment on a pie and for some strange reason you are ready to plunk down you house payment for another one. Last year they raised over $17,000.

The bidding is all in good fun and goes to a good cause but the main reason many attend is because it’s “The Place to Be”. There even a rumor that if a local politician doesn’t attend the annual event he or she will lose election.

County Judge Executive Al Mattingly bought two last year and didn’t even share. I returned the favor and took my $200 Apple Pie home for myself.

The cost of the hot dog and chili is a few dollars but it is the deserts that cost at this event. There is no requirement that you buy but you more than likely will.

No pressure here but I suggest you bring your checkbook. Oh bring a camera too because you are going to want show off the most expensive pie or cake you ever bought.

All in all it is a great night of fun and fundraising for a good cause. Be sure to contact Karen Lain at 993-8542 for tickets

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