Owensboro has what I would call a quiet (but hopefully getting louder) connection to the movie industry. For one thing, this is Johnny Depp's hometown. For another, the Burt Lancaster classic The Kentuckian was partially filmed here.

Back in 1972, a movie that would end up never being released was shot out at Windy Hollow. It was called The Marshal of Windy Hollow.

And let's not forget our good friend and Owensboro native P.J. Starks who's been using the city as his backdrop of choice for the last eight or so years.

But now I've learned that it's a possible a horror movie titled Frankenstein Goes to a Barn Dance (how great is that) may have been filmed here in Owensboro in the 1950s.

Speculation about it popped up on Facebook recently and that title's been searched on IMDB but to no avail.

Plus, there's nothing on eBay.

The only other thing I know about it is that the studio was called the Frederica Motion Picture Company.

Now it's entirely possible that the name "Frederica" might have led some to believe that it was shot in Owensboro.

But it's also entirely possible that a horror movie titled Frankenstein Goes to a Barn Dance (still great) was filmed in Owensboro in the 1950s.

Does anyone have any tips, clues, suggestions?

I'm all ears...and I'm goin' to a barn dance.