Shaped by Faith guest, Melissa Phillips is the Owner of Wheatgrass Juice Bar. She is also a Board Certified Biblical Counselor at Legacy Owensboro. Not only is Melissa the owner of Wheatgrass Juice Bar, she helps serve alongside of your husband Jeff, the Pastor of Legacy Owensboro. Melissa is also very involved in Women's Conferences, Biblical Counseling and she is a great photographer and does so much more!

Melissa is a Leader in our community and she has impacted and inspired the lives of so many people to live a healthy lifestyle. Her new store front on Hwy 54 is simply beautiful and convenient. She shared the expanding menu options at Wheatgrass and there is a little bit of everything for everyone, including the kids. Her new Popsicles are a hit with the kids!

We talked about the importance of drinking raw juices and how this helps our bodies detoxify and gets us back on track. Melissa offers so many options for juicing and she is glad to have them delivered to your door. You can also call ahead and she will have your order ready and waiting for you to pick up. You will find there is a wide variety of smoothies, my personal favorite drinks made with fresh fruits and veggies. My personal favorite smoothie is the Incredible Hulk!

Let's take  a tour of Wheatgrass Juice Bar and watch Melissa demonstrate counter top push ups! There is always time to fit exercise into your daily routine! Try doing these counter top push ups for 8-12 repetitions, 2-3 sets.

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I’m Theresa Rowe encouraging You to stay fit in your body, mind and spirit!




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