Remember that treehouse you had as a kid? Well, it appears that it has now become an Airbnb in Missouri and the cool thing is you could hang there for a night for less than 50 bucks.

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I found the Treehouse at the Hermitage on Airbnb and it's a unique throwback to simpler times. According to Tracy's share on Airbnb, this is located in the middle of Missouri's wine country that's west of St. Louis just south of Berger, Missouri. There's no electricity and the bathroom consists of a compost toilet. But, if you'd like to get back to your childhood roots, hard to get any closer than this.

Check out some pics that show what the experience is like. Pay specific attention to the neat tower and the door that looks like it could have been in the movie The Hobbit. There are also lots of craft opportunities there.

The Missouri Treehouse Like The One You Had as a Kid

As of this writing, the cost to stay in Tracy's treehouse is only $47 per night. It's highly-rated by visitors and I saw one that said they had visited 4 or 5 times. Impressive.

This kind of location isn't for everyone, but it's uniqueness made it something I thought would be worth sharing. Check out Tracy's full listing on Airbnb for more pics, details and updates.

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