I had no idea Kentucky was home to so many unusual insects, and beautiful ones at that. And UGLY ones at that. And also very WEIRD ones.

So naturally, I took their pictures without knowing what most of them were, officially. I mean, yeah, I recognize a spider or a moth when I see one. But what KIND of spider? What KIND of moth?

Well, joy of joys, I found an app that identifies them all. It's called Picture Insect and, as crazy as this sounds, it will change my life. I no longer have to wonder exactly what kind of flying insect THAT is or if it will sting me. I can just get a picture and load it onto the app and I will have my answers.

Check out some beautiful, ugly, weird, and not so weird six- and eight-legged creatures you might find crawling or flying around Kentucky.

Kentucky Creepy-Crawlies -- the Beautiful, the Weird, and the Ugly

I've run across some peculiar insects in Kentucky. Some beautiful, some NOT beautiful. And now I know what they all are.
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