Well, I just did.  And apparently I don't have squat in terms of unclaimed property.

However, my buddy Brad Jackson just got that big ole whopping check you see in the photo.  Somehow he had $5.25 sitting out there, unclaimed, just waiting for him to come along and request it.

I touched base with Brad to see if he had any idea where the money had come from.  He said, "I honestly don't remember.  I think it was something from overpaying medical insurance or something of that nature."

Brad admits that he knew that particular website "was a thing."  He was researching grants and loans for small businesses a couple of days ago and a blog popped up suggesting that he check the unclaimed property directory.  So, he did.  And presto!  He made five bucks!  LOL!

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But, as Brad's buddy, Aaron Coy, says, "$5 is $5!"

His friend Joe Benson checked the site too.  He got two checks in the mail on the same day.  Combined they were worth $39.  But, heck.  If $5 is $5, $39 is $39.

If you'd like to check the site and see if you have any unclaimed cash or property out there, check out Kentucky State Treasurer Allison Ball's official website.  You can CLICK HERE!  All you need to do in order to run a simple search is your last name, first name (or company name) and the city in which you live.

Then, keep your fingers crossed!  The site will run a search and see if you have anything unclaimed.  I hope you have better luck than I did.  Here's the message I got.

No properties match your search criteria. You can search more properties or claim the property in your cart.

Uh, thanks Treasurer Ball.  I am out of "properties" and there's zilch to claim in my cart.

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