UPDATED 3:00 p.m. ET: Former New England Patriots tight Aaron Hernandez end has been charged with murdering Odin Lloyd, as well as other weapons-related crimes.

UPDATE: Following Wednesday's arrest, Hernandez has been released by the New England Patriots, about two hours after he was taken into custody.

After a few weeks of police questioning, the police took Hernandez into custody at his home, according to various news reports.

Reports of Hernandez's possible involvement in a homicide began to circulate last week when a body was found near his home. Earlier this week, police began to search a stream near his home, but have not disclosed what they found, if anything. According to Deadspin he is expected to be charged with obstruction of justice.

Hernandez allegedly destroyed his home security system last week, as well as his cell phone before cooperating with the police investigation. Another lawsuit claiming that Hernandez had fired a gun at someone in Miami earlier this year was also filed around the same time.

The man who was found dead was the 27-year-old Lloyd, a semi-professional football player whom Hernandez knew.

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