When I was a kid, my family ate at Windy Hollow Restaurant a lot. That's back when it was open seven days a week and it was up on the ridge.

After it burned to the ground, the late Hal Miller and his family moved the operation down to Highway 81 and into an old building that used to be home to another restaurant WAY BACK IN THE DAY called The Cow Palace.

Anyway, after we'd eat we'd careen down that big hill.

And I have done that all my life. Recently, I learned that some who live out there call it the "Whoopdee." Since I had never before heard that nickname, I'm not sure I'm spelling it correctly.

But whatever it's called, it's always a blast because of ONE: the mini-rush and TWO: nostalgia.

Give it a whirl.

Hey...maybe it could also be called "The Whirl"....


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