Homelessness in Owensboro is a huge problem.  Many men, women, and even children are left to seek shelter night after night here in our own city.  This weekend you can take on their burden even for a night and help raise money and awareness for the cause.As an advocate for our homeless community I often have people tell me they didn't realize that homelessness was such a problem here in Owensboro.  My response "Homeless people don't where t-shirts that say I'M HOMELESS!"  Just because it isn't right in front of your face doesn't mean it isn't happening.  These people need help and hope.

All of our local homeless shelters are constantly at capacity leaving people out on the streets, sleeping in their cars, parks, and unthinkable places.

A local group of people got together and decided they wanted to help combat the problem.  This Saturday 10 A.M. to Sunday 10 A.M. they will be camping out for 24 hours straight on the front lawn of the Munday Center at 1650 W. Second Street.

Any church groups, organizations, or individuals are encouraged to take part.  Bring a tent, cardboard box, or yourself to fully experience a night of "HOMELESSNESS."  No phones, no cars, and everyone is asked to only bring $10.

A donation of $100 is suggested to reserve a camping spot for the event.  All money raised will go to bless those in need.  If you don't have the money to camp please come anyway all are WELCOME!

For information on the event or to donate please call Nick Martin 270-925-3634/Julius Maddox 270-903-5800.

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