When you are a kid, everybody always asks you what you want to be when you grow up. My answer was always the same - mom, teacher, stewardess, actress, and dancer. I guess I have done pretty well at achieving my childhood goals.  I've done all but one. Although, I did apply to be a fight attendant when I was 20 and didn't get the job. Still, not too bad.

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But, the bigger problem isn't what I 'm going to be when I grow up, but when I plan on growing up. Hopefully, never. Grown-ups don't seem to have a good sense of humor.

My granddaughter is all over the place about what she want to do when she becomes an adult. Right now, it is a mix of doctor, scientist, actor, artist or cupcake maker. I say, she it all.

She does know, like all kids do that one day they will be as old as their parents and grandparents. But, the thought of it seems so far off into the future, they really don't give it much thought. Until they are asked about how things might be, what things might look like, or what they will be doing. Then, they give it some serious thought. Or, in the case of Carson

He just happens to be the son of two of my former students that ended up getting married and raising their awesome family in Princeton, IN. I have already introduced you to their very creative and funny daughter, Regan. She was the little girl that is already breaking hearts in elementary school. Carson is just as funny. It must run in the family.

For a homework assignment, Carson was asked about what his life will be like when he's 100 years old. His answer is hilarious.

Carson belongs on the stage! Too bad I'm not still directing. He would be my leading man.

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