Back in 2015, Kentucky instituted the Ignition Interlock Device Program, which mandated the attachment of breathalyzer devices to the ignitions of vehicles belonging to certain types of DUI offenders.

According to Russell + Ireland Law Group LLC, the offenders in question are those who are "convicted of DUI 1st offense with an aggravating circumstance for the first time in a ten (10) year period, as well as DUI 2nd offense and any subsequent offenses in a ten (10) year period."

A new bill, SB 85, aims to strengthen that legislation.

A Bowling Green Daily News report indicates that SB 85, among other things, would make the ignition interlock devices available to all DUI offenders and stiffen penalties for those busted for DUI who aren't using the devices.

Both the Kentucky Distillers' Association and Mothers Against Drunk Driving are on board and with the number of DUI-related fatalities remaining way too high, I can't think of one reason ANYONE wouldn't be.

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