Owensboro has proven to be very attractive to professional travelers in 2016. Nationally syndicated radio travel host Bill on the Road published his "What to Do in Owensboro" blog in April. And now...

...Cory Ramsey is singing Owensboro's praises.

According to OwensboroLiving, Ramsey--the founder of "Map Dot, Kentucky" recently visited Owensboro and gave our fair city a huge vote of approval after driving every main highway that comes through or into here--231, 431, 54.

This was not Cory's first visit to Owensboro. In fact, he's been in all 120 Kentucky counties multiple times and says that he notices huge improvement every time he comes here.

His "Map Dot, Kentucky" has been featured in several publications and in most major TV markets in the Bluegrass.

This most recent visit of Cory's came after quite an absence as he was seeing the all new Smothers Park riverfront for the first time.

As Cory says, "Owensboro's always had the bones of a bigger town."

I love that description.

Learn more about Cory and his visit at owensboroliving.com.