She did it!!  Layla Spring, who is from Marion County, Kentucky, has made it to the Top 12 girls on American Idol!  Here at WBKR, we have known Layla for a couple of years now and are not surprised at all that she has powered her way onto the show.

A couple of years ago, Layla Spring showed up at the Owensboro Convention Center to audition for WBKR's Battle for the Big O competition.  She stepped to the mic and belted out one of the best versions of "Folsom Prison Blues" I have ever heard. She qualified for the Battle finale and sang her way into the 2016 Top Five!

This year, at 16-years-old, Layla has moved on to a much bigger stage!  The Marion County, Kentucky teenager has belted her way onto the new season of American Idol.  She has made the Top 12 girls and is SO close to making the Top 14!  And she has done so with audition performances like this!

And performances like this . . .

WBKR's Battle for the Big O has a long-standing connection with American Idol.  Four of our former finalists have been featured on the show.  Jenny Beth Willis, Brandy Neelly, Paul Jolley (who actually made the Top Ten on American Idol) and now Layla Spring have all made it through the audition rounds to be featured on Idol!

So, this season, we're cheering Layla on!  As the Idol commercial says, "Follow Layla on her journey!"  We definitely are and hoping she makes it the live shows!

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