The thought may make you laugh, but a Missouri man claims to have recorded a Bigfoot scream. There is some science that makes what he recorded worth some analysis though.

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The YouTube channel Sasquatch Theory shared the story of Sean recently. He was out in the Missouri wild when he noticed something had upset his dogs. He grabbed his phone and recorded the sound that was upsetting them and it's included early in their interview with him. The video is brand new, but the sounds Sean recorded were captured March 5, 2020.

If you're not familiar, you can identify most animals by the sound wave they emit. Soundproof Cow documents that there are 5 primary characteristics you can measure which include wavelength, amplitude, frequency, time period and velocity.

I have worked in the radio/audio world for almost 40 years. I've listened to Sean's recording several times and if it's a known animal, it sounds like a far-off wolf to me. It's hard to determine as he was playing the sound back 2nd generation so there's some processing that makes it difficult to hear the details you'd need for a clear identification. I'm not ruling out something paranormal (meaning "Bigfoot"), but would need to import that sound file into software to determine what it is.

I will add that Sean seems sincere and I rely on Sasquatch Theory for the more reliable content about Bigfoot. He does a good job of actually going to the location where claims like this happen which makes his videos more credible in my opinion.

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