If a Missouri man's story is accurate, a Bigfoot on his property is mighty violent. He claims the beast split a tree in half and killed deer. Can't we all just get along?

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Of all the Missouri Bigfoot tales I've shared (and I admit it's a lot), this man's story is among the most interesting to me. He lives near the Current River. He's something of a deer whisperer with a huge herd that seems to follow him around. Oh, and he's got a vicious Bigfoot that's been messing with him.

One of the earlier stories he tells is when he found a deer carcass minus the head. The head had been knocked off by...something. The head was around 30 yards away from the body. He contacted Missouri Department of Conservation people and asked for their help. When they got back to him, they said no human killed that deer. Their theory was that he must have made a neighbor mad. He is convinced it's not a neighbor. It's Bigfoot.

When I mention that this Missouri guy is a deer whisperer, I'm not kidding. Look at these huge bucks and their girlfriends who follow him around. Yes, I know it's because he's feeding them, but still.


I realize that Sasquatch Theory has shared what amounts to a feature-length film that takes a couple hours to get through, but this man's story is worth it in my opinion. I don't know what he saw or what's messing with trees and deer. But, I do believe that he believes what he's saying.

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