What would you do if you and your family were out hunting mushrooms and you suddenly heard a scream that sounded like a panther? That is what happened to one Missouri family nearly 50 years ago when they were in the woods off of Highway 54 near Louisiana.

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This is one of the more famous reports documented by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization from the spring of 1973. Here's a little bit of the eyewitness testimony:

I was mushrooming with my mom, aunt, and several cousins in the woods near my grandparents home in rural Louisiana, Missouri. We were in a deep hollow that was heavily wooded, when all of us started mentioning this horrible smell. Since there seemed to be no source of the smell, we decided to head back up to the car because we knew about the "Mo Mo" sightings that had been occurring in and around Louisiana. No one was at home at my grandparents so we all piled back into the car. My mom had left down the window and within a few minutes we heard something let out a scream.

The story doesn't end there. The person who filed this official report went on to mention that his grandmother actually saw the creature behind a lilac bush in her backyard. He said the bush was over 6 feet in height and she saw the Bigfoot figure with glowing red eyes looking at her a couple feet OVER that bush.

According to the official report, there were multiple occasions that spring when the creature was heard during daytime and also at night.

You might recall that this report followed another report of a Bigfoot/Mo-Mo creature near Louisiana that happened during the summer of 1972. It's reports like this that have made Pike County, Missouri a hotbed of research about this mysterious creature for decades.

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