We're starting to notice a pattern here. First, we got that 'Star Trek Into Darkness' poster that showed the Enterprise in peril. Then we got the poster with Zoe Saldana's Uhura under fire. Now, we have a poster featuring Zachary Quinto's Spock standing amidst hot molten lava. 'Star Trek Into Darkness' has no shortage of the Enterprise crew being put in mortal danger. Check out the poster below.

What's next? Chris Pine's Captain Kirk with his hand in the garbage disposal? Simon Pegg's Scotty falling into well? Karl Urban's Dr. McCoy forgetting to buckle up before a particularly turbulent shuttle craft ride?

On one level, we're glad the 'Star Trek Into Darkness' posters have moved past the "Benedict Cumberbatch Looks Menacing In Front Of A Ruined London" phase and have started concentrating on the characters that we know and love. We're not sure how we feel about each poster showcasing the imminent deaths of everyone involved, but hey, who are we to argue with a change of pace? Not to mention, Spock serenely standing next to a volcanic eruption is quite the lovely image. ***Click the image below to download your hi-res copy.

'Star Trek Into Darness' opens on May 17th.

Star Trek Into Darkness Poster Spock

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