Non-profit organizations--38 of them--just received some excellent news. The organizations to be chosen serve those in regional counties in Kentucky and Indiana and will be awarded more than $700K in grant money from Owensboro Health.

The counties in question, which are in the Owensboro Health service area, include Daviess, Hancock, Ohio, Henderson, McLean, Muhlenberg, Hopkins, Butler, Breckinridge, Grayson, Union, and Webster counties in Kentucky, and Perry and Spencer counties in Indiana.

In order to qualify for the grant money, organizations must demonstrate a provision of plans for services and programs for community health needs.

The grant money will be award at 10AM, Wednesday morning at the Owensboro Health auditorium.

But there will also be funds available for activities that do not necessarily relate to healthcare, but explain how whatever organization's services address problems that impact community health.

If your organization qualifies and would like to apply for a grant, click here.

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