We've seen tons of flowers in bloom and lots of green in the trees for about a month now. That doesn't mean the great Ohio Valley can't throw a curve ball our way. It never does.

The National Weather Service in Paducah is giving us a chance for FROST late Friday night into early Saturday morning.

As the good folks at the NWS said, you better cover stuff up.

I talked to Eyewitness News Chief Meteorologist Wayne Hart Tuesday afternoon and asked him if the project 58-degree high on Saturday was a record low maximum. He told me it really wasn't close, since we've had highs in the 40s in early May before.

And, of course, I remember the 1989 Kentucky Derby. It snowed that day--the only time in my life I can remember seeing snow in May.

So, yeah, as chilly as Saturday morning looks to be, we've seen worse.

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