When I was growing up, a Jerry's Restaurant was housed in what is now the WK Truck Stop in Beaver Dam. It was the only true truck stop for miles along the Wendell Ford Western Kentucky Parkway and this Sunday, it closed. 

I first saw this story. It implies the stop is closed for good, however, the owner is quoted as saying "the state is taking it over". On the other hand, a few of my friends on social media have heard the space just needs a new lessor. The state rejected a bid from Arby's, the main restaurant inside the stop, to keep ownership of the building.

More than a dozen workers at the Arby's have lost their jobs and according to the Kentucky New Era story, they were just informed of the closure on Friday. The stop, which also included a gas station, was located just a mile west of the Natcher Parkway Interchange.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet hopes to get a new contract in place to reopen the rest area as soon as possible, but there is no time frame as to how soon it would be.

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