What are the Owensboro neighborhoods in which property and home values have appreciated the most since the beginning of the millennium?

A great resource called NeighborhoodScout.com lays it out.

According to the site's number crunchers, these are the top 10:

1. Breckenridge Street/East 18th

2. Panther/Saint Joseph

3. Frederica Street/Griffith Avenue

4. City Center/Brescia University

5. Griffith/Birk City (in the Stanley area)

6. Rome

7. W. 9th/Frederica Street

8. Thruston

9. Frederica Street/Fairfax Drive

10. Carter Road/W. Parrish Avenue

Now, if you want to see the borders of these neighborhoods--because just SAYING them might not give you the exact idea--click here for the map.


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