Yesterday I posted a story about the new business and massive construction projects along the Hwy54 corridor. My contention is that too much attention is being paid to downtown projects and not enough to what is going on elsewhere. After driving in Owensboro for more than 3 hours I am amazed at the number of projects. Today we examine Frederica St. from the Towne Square Mall area to Parrish Ave.

These new building projects create more jobs than downtown ever will. Most of the buildings are funded by and will be housing locally owned and operated businesses. The construction jobs alone increase the tax rolls and help fund the public downtown projects. This is all good stuff.

Next time you go past a new construction project check out the signs and see who is financing the deal. You will also discover the many local and area contractors who now have jobs for their employees. I am talking skilled trades that pay decent hourly rates. Electricians, Plumbers, concrete work. roofers, framers, landscappers the list goes on and on.

This supports my contention that Owensboro is in the middle of a big growth spell even if you take away the hospital and downtown projects. If you put them in the mix things look even better.

Beginning on South Frederica you will find a new shopping center being built. It is in front of Home Depot and next to Olive Garden. Across the street from the just opened Joann Fabrics. Next to Joann it appears another new business is preparing to open.

Along J.R. Miller Blvd. in the area of Lowes Home Improvement construction has begun on the new indoor sports complex. Co-owner Jennifer Bowlds says the 32,000 sq. foot Next Level complex should be open in about 4 months and will bring teams in from the entire region.

Show-Me's is going to open soon in Towne Square Mall. The remodeling work is going very quickly. Show-Me's is already accepting applications for employment.  Old Hickory BBQ off Frederica on Washington Ave. is adding on to their dining room and smoke house. Again they are in the interview process and hope to add several new employees soon.

Marc and Cindi Bosley's Ashley-Worth LLC is constructing a new building in the 1600 block of Frederica. Again another quality business, locally owned, that will employee several people in the financial planning field.

The new Owensboro Wellness and Rehab looks to be about a month or so away from opening. The former Clark Chiropractic Center is not only changing it's name, but it is expanding in size in the new location. Doctors Aaron Clark and Amy Edelen are investing private dollars in the new building.

So here we are, two days of new business postings and we have not gone any further than Frederica and 54. All the projects highlighted are ongoing with new money investing in our community. It is a beautiful thing.

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