Congress goes back in session after this weekend. Senators and Representatives have been home for the last several weeks listening to voters. As they return many things need to be addressed. The President will address the nation next week and talk about his plan to create new jobs, improve the economy and lower the debt. That's a pretty tall order.


This morning I invited Senator Rand Paul to be on the Joe Lowe Morning Show to discuss his thoughts on these topics. Is there any common ground? Will the President offer any real solution? What will it take to get the American  enconomy going again? Can gas prices be reduced?

I have posted the Senators comments here for those who were not available to hear him live this morning as well as those who want a quick review.

We thank Senator Paul for keeping our listeners in the loop during these hard times. Our Federal, State and Local elected officials are regular guests on News/Talk 1490 WOMI. We encourage your feedback if you have comments regarding this interview.

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