I predict that you have never heard anything quite like this. It's a scream recorded by an Illinois man recorded in the Shawnee National Forest. Spoiler alert: it's not a Bigfoot.

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HISTORY just dropped this strange moment on YouTube. Based on their explanation, it was recorded by an Illinois man in the southern part of the state back in 2015. Make sure your sound is turned up and see what you think of this. He said it was a Bigfoot. The truth was much stranger than that though. Make sure you watch until the end when an expert figures out what it really was. This Illinois guy was on a mushroom hunt when he says he heard this scream.

You can fault the guy for trying. Who wouldn't want to be the first to capture a real Bigfoot sound? My first thought that this guy had captured the moment that a Bigfoot had stepped on a Lego. Those really hurt.

The funny thing is that on the brand new YouTube share, there are still those that believe this really was a Bigfoot scream. One comment mentioned hearing the same scream in the Wyoming wilderness near the Teton mountain range.

Perhaps this is the real deal from the Finding Bigfoot show?

They had an episode where they believe this was the cry of the Sasquatch.

Sooner or later someone will capture video and/or audio from these creatures if they are indeed real. Now, unfortunately, is not that time though.

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