A new 'Man of Steel' trailer is expected to hit later tonight, but Superman fans who have been hitting refresh on the film's official site all day just got a reward for their patience: a message from the bad guy in the new film, General Zod!

For a few days, the official site has hosted a staticky image that took shape as the hours passed, eventually revealing dialogue ("You are not alone") and the image of Zod's family crest (which looks like an evil version of the Superman's iconic symbol). Then the static became a warped video of a mysterious figure with a very familiar voice. Fans of 'Boardwalk Empire' and 'Take Shelter' will immediately recognize the great Michael Shannon as he speaks directly to the citizens of Earth, demanding that we surrender Superman to him...or suffer the consequences.

As far as first looks go, it sure is a creepy introduction. We know that General Zod means business...and knowing Michael Shannon (who can play villainous in his sleep), he may be the villain to beat this Summer.

Check back here very soon to watch the new trailer and check out the new viral video below!

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